Henry Chamberlain is a cartoonist and writer living in Seattle. Henry goes back to the Seattle comics scene in the ‘90s. He has curated numerous art shows and provided the first art show for a number of Seattle artists. He is a freelance illustrator and writer. Henry has many years of experience covering art, fiction, pop culture, and particuarly the comics medium. Find a lot of his writing on comics and various other themes at ComicsGrinder.com.

Alice in New York is a graphic novel that Henry first embarked upon around 2005. It is a fanicful coming-of-age tale that incorporates whimsy and touches of the supernatural.

George’s Run is a much more recent project. In many ways, it can be seen as something of a sequel to Alice in New York or, at least, a wonderful companion piece. With this new story, Henry is older and wiser and is now searching for the finer qualities of truth and meaning.

Henry Chamberlain is a longtime cartoonist from the Seattle scene. He has created numerous works in comics and regularly writes about the comics medium. Coming from the Generation X ethos of DIY, he took his passions for writing and art and fused them into creating comics. This led to various mini-comic projects. "A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories" is a 244-page collection of short stories and one full-length story, “Alice in New York,” and is available thru Amazon.

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