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Specificity, in the end, is the guiding principle. Whatever the artist does, wherever, whoever, whichever, in the end, you need to focus and aim for specificity. Ambiguity is something else. You don’t want to be literal. The idea is to avoid spreading yourself thin, getting distracted, being undisciplined and ending up without something that has substance and power. It can be fairly simple and straightforward comics. It can be something more mysterious and challenging. It can be something primarily whimsical.

Comix Scene
NYT Arts Section Series
Quit Your Job

Comix Scene is just a taste of some satirical comics.

NYT Arts Section is a series that juxtaposes content from The New York Times Arts Section over a page from the same section.

Quit Your Job is a funny jaunt that incorporates photography and graphic elements.
The comics medium alone is capable of holding the key to the cosmos. Ultimately, I find sketching out a quick drawing, a simple little comic strip or a storyboard is at the heart of everything: simple mapping out of what you want to do next. Sometimes, look no further than that sketch.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.
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