Alice in New York follows a young man’s journey of self-discovery as he wanders through New York City. With the help of a guiding presence, Henry finds his way. That guide is Alice from Wonderland.

Alice in New York is significant for closely following the auteur method of creating comics. In theory, and in practice, the idea here is that everything is created by one person. That is a formidable task when you consider all the elements involved and especially if you are doing this at a most traditional level, all done by hand, minimal or no use of digital means of production.

This comic has been completely written and drawn by me, including the hand-drawn lettering. I come at it from a literary and fine arts background. That’s how we Gen X artist-cartoonists rolled back in the day. There were no schools for creating indie comics when I grew up. There was no way of easily guaging what you might do in comics. You had to seek it out. Remember, this was pre-internet. That said, once you started to dig around, you were likely to unleash a floodgate of material coming from the various outlets: local comic book shops, the sixties underground, European comics.

Today, there are numerous cartoonists quite happy to create comics the old school way right along with cartoonists who create their work completely by digial means. There are cartoonists who still enjoy selling their work as single issue mini-comics right along cartoonists that only sell complete works already in book form or who only make webcomics. And so on with plenty of variations.

But getting back to Alice in New York, I first concieved of it as a short story with the potential of being a full fledged prose novel or perhaps a play. Later, I became determined to take my short story and turn it into a graphic novel. I also created a screenplay version. So, lots of back and forth creative activity including drawing out the whole book in a journal with numerous changes and refinements. If you look closely, you can’t deny all the planning behind this work.

At some point, I decided the time had come to gather up all the single issues, make further refinements, and include this graphic novel in a collection of other work under the title, A Night at the Sorrento & Other Stories. You can purchase a copy directly from me or you can go right here.

My intention has always been to create work and grow as an artist. I’m not so concerned with marketing strategies to where I’m fretting over what may sell or not. Overall, I maintain that it is the quality and the integrity of the work that matters most. No one can really disagree with that.

Alice in New York is, in many ways, an art for art’s sake work. It is still finding its audience as it’s not plugged into a bigger media campaign. But that could change. You just never know. One work leads to another and graduallly connections are made. One project can find itself interconnecting with another. And, suddenly, an earlier work fits into a body of work that attracts a larger readership. All I can do now is keep working.

Alice in New York
graphic novel

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